The first wealth is health

Many exceptional leaders have learnt the importance of prioritising the activities and people who are important to them. A key risk to success is not taking care of yourself.

Here are some of those essential learning points from Stratospheric Leaders:

1. You only have one body to live in. Don't take it for granted.

2. Set clear boundaries and protect your yesses.

3. Check in with yourself: What unconscious decisions are you making that don’t serve you?4. Make sustainable productivity a focus of your leadership discussions and model it.

5. Make time for recovery. Athletes have 'QRT' - Quality Recovery Time. As corporate athletes, we typically don't build this in.

6. You will never regret a workout. You may regret eating a cinnamon swirl.

Remember: Energy that goes into things that don't matter, comes at the expense of what does.

You only have one energy tank. So how can you make sure you're prioritising and directing your attention to the things and people that matter?


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