Stress-free business travel

Inspired by my latest corporate travel and a 4-hour journey, which took >24 (the joys of NYC thunderstorms!), I have put together a quick travel guide to help you arrive stress-free at your destination:

1. With a passport, phone, and credit card you can conquer the world.

2. We spend our lives wishing we had more time. Here’s time in abundance. A delay offers a chance to read, think and create.

3. Bring your sense of humour.

4. Don’t overdo the booze or caffeine. It won't help with your sleep/thinking the following day.

5. The phone charger won’t pack itself!

6. Diarise your passport expiry. It shouldn’t come as a nasty surprise.

7. Pre-book airport cars. Ubers don’t always arrive when they should.

8. The more important the meeting, the longer the buffer that is required after your scheduled flight landing. Don’t let delays mess with your “A game”.

9. Always put something distinctive on your case. There are a lot of black suitcases ready to be accidentally stolen!

10. If you’re not wearing flat shoes, pack some.

11. Have a tracker in your case. One day it’ll go missing and you’ll be mighty grateful.

12. Look good to feel good on the road. You never know who you may meet.

13. Never choose the fish option on the plane.

14. Try to fly with hand luggage. The time and stress of baggage collection is best avoided.


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