TEDx Oltrarno by Georgie Dickins - Self-leadership: superpower for thriving in today's volatile world

September 15, 2023

A genuine life affirming moment when a dream on your vision board comes to life!

Magic does happen.What an honour to be invited by The Club of Florence to share my TEDx talk in the beautiful setting of Villa Bardini. The theme for the TEDxOltrarno event was ‘Imagined Realities”.

My talk spoke to - ‘Self-leadership: A superpower for thriving in today’s volatile world’. It was a privilege to present alongside Federica Dell'Orto, David S. McCauley, Lorenzo Lucii, Gabriele Pecchioli, Gaia Rialti, Irene Volpe, Fabiana Rosa – inspiring individuals who are changing the world.

Thank you to The Club of Florence board - Claudio Pedretti, Jennifer Morgan, Ryan Phillips-Page, Chiara Meneguzzi, Marco Di Girolamo, Assaf Barry Schiffman, Demetrio Innocenti, Stephan Kriesel, and Joe Ingram.

AND thanks to all the wonderful individuals who brought their very best energy to make this event memorable and world class! Jennifer Morgan, Elia Nichols, Alice Colombini, Elisabetta Vannetti, Scott Mallory, Jr., Valeria Pittaluga

Please do read more about how you can be involved with The Club of Florence – a non-profit organisation, whose mission it is to make a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

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