NYSE Interview on Leading with Impact and Inspiring Inclusion

March 8, 2024

Thank you Remy Blaire for welcoming us to FINTECH.TV in celebration of IWD 2024.

You can watch it here: https://www.fintech.tv/News/Detail/7980-leading-with-impact-and-inspiring-inclusion

A great discussion around the importance of stepping off auto-pilot and exercising extraordinary self-leadership given our modern-day world of heightened disruption. Several soundbites from our discussion:

1. Embrace patient urgency. Nothing in nature rushes, yet everything gets done.

2. New levels equals new devils. Make the inner critic a friend, not a foe.

3. Prioritise wisely. Major in the significant things, minor in the trivial ones.

4. Time is the ingredient that everybody has and yet most people waste. Be intentional with where you invest it.

5. In a crisis you tap into the strength you didn't realise was there. We are stronger than we realise. AND there is a discernible difference between feeling lonely and being alone. Nobody is an island.

Invest in building a powerful trusted tribe. It will be one of life's biggest upgrades. On that note - thank you to Cassandra Seier for being one of the biggest advocates of others I know and connecting us with Fintech.tv. And to Vincent Molinari&Troy McGuire for your continued championing of SDG 5.

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